1. John Melhuish Strudwick
    In the Golden Days

  2. Alexander Makovsky
    Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra Fedorovna

  3. brudesworld:

    "When Sir Percival came nigh unto the brim."

    Art by N.C. Wyeth from The Boy’s King Arthur, 1919

    Null Entropy

    (via libraryphantomg5)

  4. Girolamo Romanino
    Christ Carrying the Cross

  5. nataliakoptseva:

     Dante The Heaven of the Fixed Stars

    Dore, Gustave

  6. Gustave Courbet
    Portrait of the Artist “The Wounded Man”

  7. the-hanging-garden:

    The Ceryneian Hind by BreeAnn Veenstra

    (Source: chasingthegreenfaerie, via shakypigment)

  8. ybb55:

    Albert Herter (1871 – 1950) Woman on Couch

  9. Maurice Denis

    The Return of Young Tobie


  10. Ernest Biéler 

    Mère et enfant,