1. Arthur Wesley Dow

    Ipswich at Dusk, 1890

  2. catmota:

    Dos Cabezas  (1987)

    Oswaldo Guayasamin

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  3. thevictorianduchess:

    Cloud Study, Moonlight
    Albert Bierstadt
    Oil on canvas
    c. 1860

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  4. classic-art:

    Dante’s Vision of Rachel and Leah

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1855

  5. moss-persimmon-aubergine:

    Samuel Palmer, A Moonlit Scene with a Winding River (ca. 1827)

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  6. Agnes Noyes Goodsir

    Letter from the Front, 1915

  7. bofransson:

    Peter Eastman

    b. 1976


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  8. Utagawa Kuniyoshi

    Seaweed Gatherers at Omari, 1833

  9. catmota:

    Square-Fruited Mallee Gum

    Criss Canning

    more works by this artist

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  10. Natalia Goncharova